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Lael Kassem

Lael Kassem

Lael is a specialist in managing sports injuries and complex conditions.


She holds a unique position in physiotherapy, combining her career as an AFL player with extensive expertise in strength and conditioning across multiple professional sports.


Lael’s diverse experience enables her to clearly map out the cause of your injury and apply a range of treatment strategies to get you feeling better, faster. Lael takes physio to another level by working with her patients to build short and long term rehab programs that ensure long-lasting recovery.


Lael’s strength lies in gym and performance programs (including injury prevention plans, gym technique correction and injuries relating to AFL, soccer, running and olympic lifting) and she is an industry leader in post-operative management of the knee and shoulder (e.g. ACL reconstructions and shoulder stabilisations)


Lael specialises in:

  • Strength and Conditioning programs

  • Post-operative rehab protocols

  • Dry needling

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