As leaders in the field we provide health professionals that display a wide range of knowledge and expertise to deliver a service that is unmatched in the community. We give our clients clarity, direction and accountability to help them understand their injury, execute an effective plan to overcome their injury and take full control of their recovery. 

At Colab, we honour the power of diversity and team work. The saying “none of us is as as smart as all of us” holds true to our strong belief in a collaborative approach placing our clients goals at the heat of all decision-making. By working closely with our clients and involving our trusted team of experts, we are confident in providing the right strategy to achieve the best possible outcome toward full recovery and optimal performance. 

Accelerating Recovery

Taking a pro-active approach to restore ideal bodily form with movement, so you can live in a pain-free healthy and active life 



Experience quality service at its best with out completely hands-on approach to treatment! 

Unique Experience

Each client is important, and no treatment or recovery program will be the same! 



One of a kind treatment and recovery plans made only for you!